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The Journals of Bob Drifter is now available through Audible.

Click here to pick up a copy!

I’ve been talking about this through social media for some time now, but now that the project is complete, I felt it appropriate to talk about it a little more in depth.  The first is that this is a major dream-come-true for me.  I love audio books.  They bring the characters to life for me.  They help me finish more great stories because while I’m reading something on my e-reader, I can follow another story while driving around (something I do a lot of between my normal job and marketing my books).

I’ve learned a lot about the process of making an audio book.  The first was finding narrators.  I’m spoiled on Wheel of Time and The Stormlight Archive, listening to male and female narrators.  So I was able to find Angel Clark, who helped me find Gary Furlong.  The worked with me to create the audio version of the book, and I’m very pleased with the result.

One thing they helped me do was to locate and correct some issues that made it into the book.  I assure you, I didn’t change any content.  I only corrected errors, the biggest being a few typos with dates and another issue that didn’t actually work with the time line.  I felt it important to make this product the best it could be, and correcting those typos helped me to accomplish that.  These corrections took a bit of effort on Angel and Gary’s part, and they were very open to helping me to do that.

I’m still learning as I market my book and develop alternative formats.  I think one thing I’d like other hopeful authors out there to know is that you should never stop learning.  We work to create the best stories we can.  Whatever we do, we should strive to look at what we’ve done and grow.  It doesn’t take away from the wonderful feeling of accomplishing something I’ve wanted to do since I was eight.  It just motivates me to to use what I learn to make the next project better.

With that, here are a few notes on what I’m working on:

I’m done touring for Bob Drifter.  It was a fun, amazing experience.  I was thrilled to meet so many people and talk to them about my book.  Even more thrilling was running into people I’d sold the book to at later events and hearing them say how much they enjoyed the book.  I’m simultaneously humbled, honored, and amazed every time that happens.

The end of the tour means I can put the bulk of my energy into revisions for Caught.  The book is going nicely and I feel solid I’ll have it out somewhere in March, but I’ll take more time with the revision process than I did with Bob.  Everything moved so quickly with Bob, I felt like I had to keep pace.  Rushing led to some decisions I’d like to have back, and I won’t make that mistake with this book.  I have six chapters left to revise.  After that, I’ll start marketing.  I’ll self-publish if I don’t get picked up by Dec. 1.  That will keep the timeline the way it should be.

I’ll try something new for the audio version of that book.  I’ve already identified the narrator for that book, and, as this Narrator is a friend of mine, I’ll have a bit more editorial and managerial voice.  Working in the field of media, I have the luxury of knowing quite a few audio production professionals.  Working with Angel and Gary was great, but as a self-published author who is still working on building his brand, any opportunity to save without reducing quality must be investigated.

The Perception of War is still moving along, if slowly.  I realized that this is already the best written book I have.  I don’t really compare quality of stories very much.  In this case, I only mean that the process feels right to me.  The prose and structure seem stronger.  The book is at 26,000 words so far.  It’s going to be MUCH larger than I’d originally thought.  The world, characters and scope took off on me, but in a good way.  I feel like I’m making a lot of the right decisions with this project.  This means I lose time to look at other projects in need of revision.  I also lose time to research future books, but I tend to do best when I have one major project, and one alternative project to step away to when I need a break or feel stuck.

I’ve given it some thought, and I’ll try to fit in a lot of reviews when/if I have time.  For now, I’ll rate them on Amazon and Goodreads.  I’ve been on a great streak of reading lately, but when the tour wrapped up and the audio book started to draw my attention away, I realized I’d read six books and two audiobooks before I’d realized. (I blame Dan Wells, his books are fast paced and entertaining.  I didn’t want to stop reading his work in the time it took me to rave about it.)

It’s good to be back at a more realistic pace.  I sincerely hope you’ll check out the audiobook.

M.L.S. Weech

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