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Red City Review Finalist

I’m a finalist for the 2015 Red City Review Book Awards!

I mentioned earlier this year that I submitted The Journals of Bob Drifter under the Science Fiction Fantasy category of the Red City Review book awards.  I just found out I’m a finalist.  Each category has five, and Red City Review selected another five honorable mentions in addition to the other four finalists.  See the announcement here.

I want to start by offering my most heartfelt congratulations to:  Craig Giles, author of “The Darkness of Strangers;” Andrea Perno, author of “Remotely Unplugged;” Richard Perkins, author of “Bones of the Emperor;” and J.W. Lolite, author of “Circumstellar.”  They are the other finalists for the category.  This is my first book, and this was the first contest I’ve submitted my book for.  I express how excited I am, and I hope you are as well.  Congratulations for writing what Red City Review feels are the top five science fiction/fantasy books of the year.

The grand-prize winner and five, first-prize winners are scheduled to be announced Dec. 1.

I’m just so honored to receive this news.  I submitted the book hoping for a kind review, and got one of the most kind reviews I’ve read so far.  Now this.  I’m stunned and motivated to keep working on this silly little dream of mine.

M.L.S. Weech

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