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Kirkus Review

Kirkus Review


I announced that Kirkus Reviews was kind enough to review The Journals of Bob Drifter.  The review is here.


I’ll admit I was terrified to read it.  I actually had a friend read it before I did.  I understand as a writer sometimes people aren’t going to like your work.  But I put an extra emphasis on this first review because it was the first.  That being said, I honestly feel this review confirms a lot of what I wanted to do with this book and with my writing.  If I’m never more than a writer readers feel created good characters and an engaging story, I think I can live out my days happily.


I feel this is important to remember for me.  A writer’s first review should be something special.  I would feel the same way (and incredibly more devastated) if the review was negative.  I can take this and try to build on it.  I hope I take all the information and use it to grow, but I’m sure glad my first review is one like this.

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