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Interview with Angela B. Chrysler

Interview with Angela B. Chrysler
Angela B. Chrysler 2

I’ve recently become a member of an awesome group of writers known as the HMS Slush Brain.  One of the members, Angela, has become an Amazon best seller.  I wanted to share some of her thoughts as she’s where most indi authors want to be.  She’s a wonderful person, and I’m happy to present a brief interview I conducted with her via email.

Two months after its release, Broken made it to number #1 in its category on Amazon. How do you feel about that?

Broken by Angela B Chrysler 1600x2500

Somewhere between amazing and ecstatic! Its strong confirmation that Broken is loved. Readers are wonderfully quiet people. When they love something, they rarely speak out and tell the author, which leaves an author guessing. A small percentage leave a review, so in the end, an author really doesn’t know how the readers feel until they see a review or the sales increase. To see Broken at first place in its category… its confirmation I did the right thing in publishing it.

Is this your first book to reach number 1?


Yes, it is. The topics in Broken touches far more people and reaches a far wider audience than Dolor and Shadow, which is an epic fantasy for High Fantasy fans.

Tell us a bit about your books?

Dolor and Shadow is an epic fantasy and the introduction to Tales of the Drui. It introduces the Dokkalfar (Dark Elf) witch and queen, Kallan who is at war with the Ljosalfar (Light Elf), King Rune. The story revolves around the Seidr, an ancient and mysterious magic that gives life to all things. Kallan has unusually advanced skill with the Seidr. Within the first chapter, readers learn that Danann—yes, that is Danann as in Tuathe De Danann—is hunting her. So her powers are suppressed and part of her memory is erased to keep her hidden.

Dolor and Shadow Large

Early on, Kallan inherits the Alfheim war between the Ljosalfar and the Dokkalfar. When her powers grow beyond what her kin can conceal, she is placed in protection with her enemy, King Rune. The hunt for Kallan continues and lands Kallan and Rune in the mountains of Jotunheim, smack dab in the middle of Midgard—ancient Norway. In order to survive Midgard, which is currently under attack by Olaf I, who hunts Seidr users or witches, Kallan and Rune have to form and alliance. The alliance, the trek across Ancient Norway, and the witch hunt, all takes place while the Tuathe de Danann hunts Kallan.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00022]

It’s Star Wars meets Enemy Mine in the style of Lord of the Rings while set in Game of Thrones.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00003]

Broken is much harder to explain. At first glance, it’s a memoir. But it’s much more than that. It’s a journal I wrote in the style of a fiction psychology thriller, so it reads like a fiction novel, but it’s a memoir. For me, personally, it’s a philosophy book.

We meet Elizabeth, a renowned author. (Yes. A renowned author. *smile* It’s my book and I have dreams). Elizabeth has retired to a hermitage. William, a young journalist and fan, comes to her cottage and asks for an interview. Right away, readers catch a glimpse of Elizabeth’s fragmented mental condition, but we’re still not certain why or how severe her state of mind really is. Elizabeth agrees to the interview and grants William 24 hours. And so it begins.

As Elizabeth recounts her life—from an abusive child hood where she was forced to barricade herself in her bedroom to survive while being exposed to a significant amount of torture, animal abuse, rape, pedophilia, enslavement, and prepared for trafficking—we see Elizabeth quickly descend into her psyche. The more Elizabeth talks, the more we begin to witness her multiple personalities. What looks like schizophrenia is really a severe case of PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar, Mania, and dissociative disorder. All these conditions were brought out and formed by the abuse we are reading about.

A mother whose own mental condition passed on these same mental conditions to Elizabeth, the cats that provided the only positive physical contact she had were just some of the events that developed Elizabeth’s insanity, eventually causing her to create four fictitious realms where she could escape with four characters she invented to replace the relationships she lacked. When Elizabeth falls deeply in love with a gentle friend, her mind is so malformed, a happily ever after is near impossible, if she could have one at all.

Broken is written in first person point of view and readers are taken deep into Elizabeth’s mind. Still, for me, it’s just my journal that I used to explore a branch of philosophy—Existentialism—while I look for answers in my past.  Broken is raw, intense, and, readers may find it interesting that I wrote Part Five: Breaking the Looking Glass as Part Five was taking place.

What do you think readers enjoy most about your book?

About Broken, “Enjoy” is such a strange term to apply to this story. Readers are putting down Broken and saying, “You have GOT to read this,” but they didn’t enjoy it. Most mention feeling horrible about recommending it, “but you gotta read this,” they say. It is a realistic adrenaline charged mental adventure that changes you. No one has put Broken down and forgotten. Most put Broken down with light bulb moment that takes days to readjust to the real world. I’ve had mother’s come to me and say, “I understand my BPD daughter now.” I’ve had unrecovered trauma survivors come to me and say, “I can’t help but see similarities in my life. Am I just as bad as this?” I’ve seen them get help. I’ve seen therapists—two now—who came to me and said, “I thought I had mastered my profession and could learn nothing new. This book has changed me. I understand now.” Both are recommending it to their peers.

Will you enjoy Broken? No? But you will put it down, changed for the better.
Broken by Angela B Chrysler 3D large

About Dolor and Shadow, readers of High Fantasy will enjoy returning to the world that made this genre a classic. As so many readers have told me, Dolor and Shadow is a reminder as to why we love Fantasy.

There is sweeping imagery, sword fights, a complex magic system, magical runes, enchanted items to hunt for, witches, Fae gods, murder mysteries, and chase scenes. A touch of romance and, I’ve been told, quite a bit of humor. But humor is subjective, and mine is dry and unusual.

History lovers will enjoy the amount of accurate detail. It revives the Viking era and shows you, really shows you how the Norse once lived… If we could see the Viking era through the elves’ point of view, Dolor and Shadow would be it.
Dolor and Shadow Print 3D large

What is your biggest inspiration?

Oooh! I will take this moment to quote part of my dedication.

To the people of Norway whose country and culture I fell in love with so deeply, it inspired me to recreate their heritage and, who I hope will forgive me if I got it wrong.

A lot inspired this story. First and foremost, a bad and poorly written romance novel. This inspired me to create Kallan and begin this journey. From there, my passion for history fueled the story. My writing was, and is, very much inspired… influenced by Poe, Ayn Rand, and Tolkien’s Silmarillion—Come on, Peter Jackson! I’m waiting!—My writing style has been compared to Tad Williams and Ayn Rand. But the world… The world was inspired by Norway.

I can take you to Norway and walk the very path Kallan and Rune take. From the second highest peak in Jotunheim Park, down through the Dovrefjell, north to Trondheim, them on to Lake Aursund, down the Glomma, then west to Lake Mjosa.

What’s next for you?

Oooh! What’s next! Fire and Lies! The sequel to Dolor and Shadow, which should be out April 2016. I’ve set my publication date to 2 April 2016, but am not sure if I will hit my mark. I also have a plethora of stories screaming in my head to get out. I love dabbling in macabre and all my writing brings macabre to the table. Even my romances. I am first and foremost, a fantasy author, but love to dabble in other genres. I am aching to write a romance, the likes which have never been seen before. I’m thinking a romance where they fall out of love. Also, I have plans for a romance-styled adventure with an ending that realizes no happiness for our lovers. I will forever say this, my characters always have to earn their Happy Ever After… if it happens at all. My romances will not be an exception to this.

Is there any big news coming up you’d like people to know about?

I don’t believe in wasting talent. I intend to use every bit of me there is. That being said, I have decided to put my long history in theater to use, and I have begun Story Time. Every day, Monday through Friday, I upload a chapter to YouTube. I am currently reading Dolor and Shadow and Along Came A Wolf by Adam Dreece. Next month I read Broken and March I begin the epic fantasy Magic-Price by C.L. Schneider.

I also have the Brain to Books Cyber Convention coming up April 2016. Readers! This is an online convention and all are welcome! Last year we had more than 200 show, and this year it should be just as vast. The convention will be on Goodreads, my website, and, this year, it will be expanded to Facebook! I may even extend this to Google+ and Pinterest. We have giveaways, prizes, free books, contests, book readings, blog hops, cotton candy, caramel popcorn, candy apples, and fried dough… all food is cyber of course.

Where can readers find you?

I am everywhere and offer treats and giveaways at all locations.

Official Site

Amazon Author Page

Goodreads Profile Page




Dolor and Shadow

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