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Cover Reveal for Caught


Scheduled for release Spring, 2016


So I took a lot of time discussing this cover with a  few artists.  I actually had one identified, but life circumstances forced me to search again for a new cover artist, and a few days on Deviant Art led me to Ihor Reshetnikov.  He was able to help me go from an overall concept to the beautiful cover you see above.  Disclaimer, this cover went through a lot of conceptual adaptations.

A lot goes into a cover.  As I learned while working on getting The Journals of Bob Drifter ready, there’s info about the author and the standard book blurb.  Heck so much goes into this that I’m still just wrapping my mind around it.  I originally had a concept for an entire scene from the book.  Ihor dutifully worked on that concept, but the more I thought about what information would have to go on the cover, the more I felt like keeping it simple was the way to go.

From the first draft Ihor sent me, I knew he was right for the job, and I knew this cover was going to be beautiful.  As a photographer myself, I take a lot of pride in understanding what makes a piece of art special.  I feel this is captivating.  It’s a great scene from the book.  It’s haunting.  All-in-all, I feel blessed.

I’m about 70 percent through revisions on the book.  While searching for an agent (which would really change everything), I intend to have this book out sometime in March if everything goes well.  I hope this cover serves to wet some appetites.  I’m really happy with this cover and I can’t wait to see it in print.

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