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Book Review: “Fade to Black” by Tim Mccain and L.T. Vargas

Fade to Black is a darkly humorous tale.  It’s a first-person, present tense narrative about Jeffrey Grobnagger.  I’m honestly glad I picked it up because it’s a quick little tale of loneliness and paranormal intrigue.

I have to be honest about a few things.  The biggest issue was the first person narrative from a character that just want’s to be left alone.  It was a bit difficult to imagine myself listening to a character that didn’t really want to talk to people.  What the first person cost in suspension of disbelief, it gave back in humor value.  After about the half-way point, I stopped caring and just enjoyed the fun.   The other issue is less an actual problem and more of a pet peeve.  I buy a book wanting a beginning, middle and end.  So cliffhangers and I aren’t friends in any way.  I wouldn’t have bought and read this book when I did had I known about it, but I will happily wait for the end of the series (not sure how many books it’s planned for), then sit down to enjoy the whole thing.

Cliffhangers are trend these days.  I should get over it, but I won’t.  I hate with movies.  I didn’t like it with The Knife of Never Letting Go, but I was lucky to have started the series after it had all been written.  Same thing with the Divergent series.  The down-side is I’m not going to pick up the second book, Bled White, or any other book until I know the series is doen.  I will, however, pick up the series once I know everything is told.  If you’re okay with cliffhangers, then don’t wait.  I read the book in a few days, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  This is the kind of book you can read at a good coffee shop or restaurant (I read the majority of it during a WONDERFUL Sunday evening at my favorite local restaurant).

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