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Audiobook Review The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett


I was introduced to Peter V. Brett when I read “Mud Boy” as part of the Unfettered Anthology.  One of the things I love most about audiobooks is that they allow me to increase how many books I can go through.  I don’t read nearly as much as I like, but the power of audiobooks allows me to try out new authors and keep up with series I love.  I use them to refresh my memory before a new book in a series comes out too.

So I read “Mud Boy” and thought the world was interested.  Then I listened to “The Warded Man.”  Let me be absolutely clear about something regarding Peter V. Brett.  He is the best in the business when it comes to character.  He’s better than Martin.  I said better, and I didn’t blink when I said it.  Every story Brett brings to life gives more depth and sympathy to every character, and “The Skull Throne” is no different.

Like the rest of the series, The Skull Throne takes a character and expands on it, in this case Ashia.  We don’t miss anything from any on the other characters we love, but I have to stop there as this book is full of spoilers.

“The Daylight War” left me angry due to the cliffhanger.  I’m not a fan of those personally.  Skull Throne literally picks up where that left off and has a more satisfying ending.  Of course it’s not the end of the series, but it gives the reader a better resting place.  I anticipate Brett getting more and more readers, which means more and more people clamoring for him to finish the next book.  I’m personally upset I can’t travel forward in time to find out what happens next.

This book provides answers to questions posed in Daylight War, then turns everything on its head.  Hold on to your seats, because this book has everything you could want, including a few shocking twists.  I was hooked from the beginning, but this book made it impossible to wait for the next.

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