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Audiobook Review: “Taming the Goblin: Book Two of the McGunnegal Chronicles” by Ben Anderson

As soon as I finished Strange Land, I downloaded its sequel.  Taming the Goblin expands on the world Anderson introduced us too.  It impressively builds on what is actually an enormous cast.  I’ll admit the shift of the other McGunnegals and their exploits pulled me away from what I liked most about the trilogy, but it was obviously a necessary process to set everything up for the conclusion of the story (which I’m almost done listening too.  I’m pretty behind with reviews).

Colleen is still the star of the show, but a helpful Goblin worms (forgive the pun) his way into the reader’s heart as the story progresses.  This book on it’s own probably wouldn’t hold up (the reader would be a bit lost without the first book).  It’s also not quite as strong as the first book.  Those opinions don’t mean the book isn’t entertaining.  Remember, I’m still already 90 percent through the third book in the series.  What Anderson does is give the reader more characters to meet and learn to care for.  He also develops the scope of the world, setting up what will likely be a new set of adventures.

The ending is not exactly a cliffhanger, but I admit I would be frustrated if I couldn’t jump straight to the next book.  The story is solid.   The plot progresses nicely, and it sets the table for what should be a solid ending.

This book takes the Irish folklore of the last and trades off a bit of the charm for a little more drama, making it a tad more mature without straying too far from the younger audience I think it’s intended to please.

It’s a solid sequel that preps the reader for the end of a quaint, charming fantasy tale.

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